Friday, August 16, 2013

Almost blows Dixie

Eric and I get together from time to time when Wild Cub passes through and without a doubt our conversation turns to home. Eric and I come from Auburn. We did not share the entirely same experience but that's another post. This is about some of the characters we grew up with in our formative years. It is a wonder how we made out "normal".
There was a guy, for his privacy I will only refer to him by his self given nickname. I am serious about his name. He called himself SLIM PICKENS. That was written in bold red letters across the windshield of his old beater Chevy truck. This truck and this guy are the memory. 

In a high school that had themed days such as drive your tractor to school day and muddy truck day Ole' Slim and his truck fit right in! Being Kentucky there was a rebel or two still keeping the south alive! Slim certainly was, trying at least! His truck horn blew Dixie.... Well almost blew Dixie. Every afternoon he would pass by and slam his horn "bamp, bamp, bamp, bamp  bamp bamp bamp bamp bam.... And that's it. If your familiar with the tune you'll know this is all but the last bamp. A crucial bamp in the glory that is Dixie! 

That is our life. A comical list of eccentric characters and a half honked horn of Dixie!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gorillaquake and Tarantulanche

Whilst watching Sharknado of a Tuesday before the Wild Cub show Eric and I began developmental thought on two Films to come! 

Gorillaquake: the scientists didn't listen when they were told to turn away. Now there is nowhere to run. A mythically giant gorilla has emerged from beneath the earth. As his anger rises so does the death toll!! 

Tarantulanche: In the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado two adventurous young scientists are studying the tarantula during matting season. What they s didn't see coming was shifting of the plates that releases a torrent of tarantula hurdling down the mountain toward civilization in an avalanche of death!