Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So I feel as though a blog is liken to talking to yourself outloud in a public area and hoping that other people will become interested and be hanging onto your words. With that said I thus begin my own blog. The hopes of this will be to chronicle my journey into manny-hood, my travels and pictures from around the world and the eventual development into a television series called how the world works. I want to fuse dirty jobs and no reservations, traveling around the world and working hands on the jobs that are unique to a new area and how those jobs effect the community. I know that it will be great fun and very interesting. I hope it will be entertaining watching my debacles into a new foray. As an out of place everywhere type of person I have always been fascinated with work and the intricacies and effects of that work on the people involved and the communities. There is nowhere I do not want to go and nothing I do not want to try. So for my next trick I will be traveling to Djursholm Sweden. Djursholm is a community located just north east of Stockholm. Here I will be working as an Au Pair or a Manny if you will and I often do. I will be living in with a family and taking care of and tutoring in English three adorable little children, two girls and a boy. I am very excited but now getting a little anxious as the date of departure draws nearer. I am going to love diving into a new culture, working as the Au pair and tutor and I will greatly love searching Sweden and all of Europe for new jobs to work and to write about. My biggest fear as of now is the language difference. First the children will only speak Swedish. This poses a lot of different difficulties but I know it can be a great experience for the kids and me. As the time comes closer and then when I actually begin work I will blog on, til then.